I’m Piers Alder, and Wordbrain is my copywriting agency.

I’m a copywriter. My job is to get your audience to sit up and pay attention.


I don’t just write, I also advise businesses on their communication strategy.


 I help organisations identify their key messages and create their own unique tone of voice.


I train people to write better.


 I’ll handle a project on my own if I can, or call on Wordbrain’s network of writers with different skills and specialities.


Either way Wordbrain is always a resource for intelligent, powerful writing.
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I have a background in journalism, where I learnt the nuts and bolts of language and the craft of well structured communication. I’ve created web content, where I discovered how to use words in a world of instant digital communications.


Since then I’ve worked on some of the biggest brands in the UK. I’ve also helped a number of start-ups reach an audience. I bring that experience with me on every project.


I don’t just sit down and write. I consider who you’re talking to, how you can differentiate yourself, what kind of tone and what sort of messages will get your audience’s attention.


Ultimately, though, it’s about using words in fresh, vivid ways to plant new ideas in people’s heads. And that’s something I love doing.

If you need some powerful, memorable writing, just get in touch.