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Thoughts on how and why business writing succeeds or (more often) fails
One key technique for more persuasive emails

So much business communication is about persuading someone to agree to what you're proposing. It could be getting permission from your boss, it could be asking a client to...

Copywriting basics: opaque words

I’ve been teaching people not to use opaque words – words like utilise, facilitate, consequently, proceed – for so long it feels as...

Get instant feedback on your writing

One of the hardest things for a writer is getting some distance from what you've written. When you've just composed something, it's impossible to...

When language says so much
  election crop Spotted just near the Wordbrain office… a fine example of guerrilla copywriting, taking one organisation's message and twisting it to say something quite different. We publish it here to mark the day of the UK's general election.
How to spot spam (and other unwanted communication)
I’ve just received an email telling me that my Apple account needs to be updated or else I won’t be able to continue using it. Do I need to respond or is it spam? Luckily there’s one great big clue which tells me the email is from a dodgy organisation I can safely ignore.