I have only just come across an amusing blog post written in 2011 about the death of the copywriter (business writer, marketing writer), as announced by a digital guru. It seems that social media has killed the professional marketing writer, because social media tells the truth and writers like me lie. (I do apologise for lying all these years.)

One of our biggest clients has just won Agency of the Year for their work in financial services. We're delighted, because they do great work that makes financial products fresh and attractive – and because a lot of our words go into their work, helping making those financial products clear and compelling.

The first of a new series of our training days takes place in Falmouth on 22 February 2012. It's an intensive training in writing more clearly, more persuasively and more creatively, designed for anyone who needs to write well as part of their job. And judging from the feedback from other courses I've run, it's certainly helpful.