Web writing

09 Mar Which email newsletter box got 122% more people signing up?

OK, a quick test of your instincts for how users respond online. A test that the vast majority of people failed, revealing how counterintuitive usability can sometimes be. We have two different versions of a sign-up box for email updates, the kind of thing most the ecommerce sites in the world have. And the kind of thing most ecommerce sites would love to double the number of people clicking on. Here they are: email sign-up user test 1 Email sign-up user test 2
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17 Sep Warning: clumsy SEO web content is not only rude but counterproductive

Ever arrived at a site and found yourself reading through paragraph after paragraph of repetitive writing, seeing the same phrases coming up again and again? It’s probably there for search engine reasons. And it’s irritating. If you’re overhauling your web content for SEO purposes, here’s an example that shows how not to do it. (It's also a deliciously ironic example, as you'll see.)
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