A blog about words and stuff

A blog about words and stuff

I’ll be using this blog to point out some odd things about words, funny things about language, interesting stuff about how people say what they say and write what they write. What I’ve learnt and what I’m learning about how best to communicate an idea, a product, a brand, a business, a message.

How communication goes wrong and what that reveals.

How people say exactly the right things sometimes. Not professional writers, not marketers, just people doing what people do, using language that just captures it just right.

Karl Hyde of the band Underworld used to take his lyrics from the things he overheard people say, and there’s nothing like it. ‘The human voice is unmistakably genuine. It can’t be faked’, as the Cluetrain Manifesto (remember that?) put it.

So here I might comment on what a politician says, or what an advert says. Or how a really great writer puts it.

But it might also be a question about why we say what we do. And how the language is changing and what’s being lost as well as what’s being gained.

I might open my word sack and see what comes out.

I might even just tell stories here.