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For many years big brands have made a big fuss about their tone of voice. Tone of voice is 'the secret ingredient' of powerful business writing, we have been told. Yet tone of voice is nothing without something powerful to say. The things you say are generally more important than how you say them, even though how you say them is pretty darn important too. And this is something that businesses lose sight of. Maybe they've been focusing too much on tone and not enough on content.

I know I spend a lot of time highlighting what I see as bad business and marketing writing. But I'm not really a negative person. I just dislike lies and manipulation. I don't like people who show off either. I don't like copywriting that struts and preens, nor do I like copy that ingratiates itself, or copy that misleads. I don't like being spoken to like an idiot. But it's worth celebrating good marketing writing sometimes, if only to remind ourselves that it can be done well (and what it takes to do it well).