What I do

I craft the words that connect you with your customers.

The people you communicate with expect to be treated like people.


They respond instantly to a human voice and clear, vivid language.


Yet so many organisations fail to do this. Wordbrain can help you succeed.
The kinds of writing we’re talking about

Marketing emails


Advertising concepts


Print ads


Banner ads

Website content


Home page key messages


Social media


Blog posts

Direct mail


White papers


Case studies


Press releases

Tone of voice






And training

Whatever the medium, we focus first on the personality of the brand we’re writing for, the key messages we’re aiming to convey and the needs and interests of the audience we’re addressing. The second step is to understand the medium inside out.

Once those are crystal clear, it’s time to craft the words, the ideas, the concepts, the conversational gambits that will communicate most vividly. This is an odd mix of sales psychology, market analysis, creative spark… and just finding something intriguing to say.

Wordbrain’s writers are experts at bringing ideas, brands and messages alive.


We know how to surprise, amuse, persuade and convert.


Get in touch and see for yourself.